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About Us

About Us

The Green Certificate Company is an independent service provider to renewable energy producers, markets, and consumers. Founded in 1999, the primary purpose of the company is the provision of the following services:

  • Certification of the volume of energy and CO2 produced from renewable sources;
  • Registration of trades in these certificates; and
  • Enablement of their eventual redemption and reporting.

GCC is fully independent of all market participants. It has no role in the production, supply, trading, transmission, distribution, or regulation of energy and the associated markets. GCC is therefore not conflicted in any of its duties and offers its customers a service in which that can place their trust. Being an independent service provider, GCC is able to provide its services to any domain, acting either as an Issuing Body or, as is more likely to be the case, Central Monitoring Office, taking on the operational responsibilities on behalf of another Issuing Body.

The Green Certificate Company does not in itself accredit renewable electricity generation plant, generally making use of information provided by local regulators, auditors, or other independent parties. Where this information is not available we arrange for technical accreditation to be undertaken by an appropriately qualified party.