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Our mission is to provide the enabling services that deliver end-to-end evidence of renewable energy and CO2 consumption through robust and independent verification, tracking, and allocation of Renewable Energy Certificates.


What are Renewable Energy Certificates?

Many energy purchasers want to buy renewable energy, but it is often distant from the local grid. In order to achieve their desired mix of energy, purchasers buy environmental benefit and physical electricity separately.

The environmental benefit of renewable electricity generation can be represented by certificates - Renewable Energy Certificates - which prove that renewable fuel has been used.

In Europe, the Renewable Energy Certificate System (RECS) and Guarantees of Origin (GO) enable certificates to be traded in an open international market, by:

  • Removing barriers to international trade in environmental benefit;
  • Promoting effective exploitation of renewable energy resources;
  • Enabling competition between generators; and
  • Enabling market participants to fulfil their obligations to governments and their customers in a practical and cost-effective way.

This model has been applied elesewhere in the world, such as the US, and is now being extended to fulfil the needs of organisations around the globe. The Green Certificate Company is a key delivery partner for the International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC). The I-REC initiative is at the forefront of the global market for renewale energy products, drawing upon our extensive expertise in implementing renewable energy mechanisms in many countries to provide a uniform reporting solution. See for more information.